Core Values

We've built our firm on lifelong relationships rooted in performance and trust.

A Financial Partner You Can Trust

Sage Wealth Strategies’ team employs members of the Financial Planning Association (FPA®), which is the largest membership organization for personal financial planning professionals in the United States. FPA® advocates high standards of professional competence, ethical conduct and clear, complete disclosure to those they serve. They deliver advice using an objective, client-centered, ethical process.

Standard of Care
All financial planning services will be delivered by Sage Wealth Strategies in accordance with the following standard of care:

  • Put the client’s best interests first.
  • Act with due care and in utmost good faith.
  • Do not mislead clients.
  • Provide full and fair disclosure of all material facts.
  • Adhere to a code of ethics that reflects commitment to help clients achieve more of their financial goals.
  • Disclose and fairly manage all material conflicts of interest.

The actions of “too-big-to-fail” financial corporations have diminished some individuals' confidence in the retail brokerage system and the suitability standard of care. In response, the government implemented the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, among other consumer-protection laws. They aim to prevent individuals from being disadvantaged by conflicts of interest that can exist among brokers, broker-dealers and their clients.

Sage Wealth Strategies seeks to restore individual trust by creating relationships with clients that are held to the fiduciary standard — relationships based on the full disclosure of all relevant information, in the best interest of the client, transparent communications and the mutual alignment of interests.

Our team differentiates itself within the financial industry by seeking partnerships with the most reputable financial institutions. Our goal is to construct and manage a team of financially strong and trustworthy organizations that all contribute their own specific advantages for your benefit. Each partner, selected as the best of breed in our opinion, has a precise, focused role to play in helping create a confident financial future.

One of the most important partnerships in any financial relationship is that with the custodian. A custodian is a specialized financial institution responsible for holding and safeguarding a firm’s or an individual’s financial assets, ensuring each and every client receives complete and transparent communications relating to their assets, while restricting the access others have to their money. Simply put, we see a custodian as your protector.

Best Price and Execution
Another important client benefit offered by the Sage Wealth Strategies and Fidelity Institutional partnership is access to a cost-efficient institutional trading platform that focuses on the concept of best price and execution. This might be described as “minimizing the hands in the cookie jar.” Sage Wealth Strategies and Fidelity Institutional are fiercely committed to providing clients with the most direct path when buying and selling individual securities on the clients’ behalf.

In mid-2006, Fidelity was the industry forerunner in building a price and execution process that improved upon “the accepted industry standard” of the day. Fidelity has a unique approach to execution quality with an internal order flow management team whose purpose is to direct order flow to the best-performing market centers.

Fidelity invests millions of dollars every year in people, technology and other resources with the aim of improving the prices their clients pay when making trades. This information is published monthly on Fidelity’s website, and the company’s goal is to improve the prices for clients rather than just making trades at the National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO). NBBO is an SEC requirement that requires trades to take place at the best available ask or bid price. Trading securities in this way can create significant savings for the clients.

Transparent Communication
At Sage Wealth Strategies, we believe clients should be able to fully understand and define the costs associated with owning their investments. This transparency allows our clients to maintain their own checks and balances with the goal of preventing hidden commissions and conflicts of interest from eating into investment returns.

Sage Wealth Strategies’ use of separate accounts provides clients with total transparency as to where the money within their accounts really ends up.

As part of our commitment to transparency, we encourage our clients to perform their own due diligence on Sage Wealth Strategies and other financial advice organizations. Due diligence is an investigation into a business or person prior to the signing of a contract, or engaging a person who should act with a specified standard of care.

Your own, personal due diligence may include questioning the wisdom of receiving financial advice from a company that:

  • Is not connected with any company that has received bailout money from the government and U.S. tax payers.

  • Consistently keeps in mind its clients’ risk profile and finds financial products to best meet their risk tolerance.

  • Completely discloses all fees and charges on client transactions.

  • Encourages and fosters a team approach to meeting its client needs.

Tried and Tested
In the summer of 2007, the expression “credit crisis” hit the headlines. Wall Street and the banking and brokerage industries clearly had problems; however, no one knew just how deep and wide the credit crisis hole was.

In our view, since that time we have experienced a period where everyone found out “who was really who” and "what was really what.” Many questionable financial practices were exposed, and many individuals grew to question the integrity of the large financial organizations.

Your Sage Wealth Strategies – Your Team on Your Side
The complexity of your unique financial needs may require the attention of a diverse team of industry professionals. At Sage Wealth Strategies, you have access to dedicated professionals and teams.

Sage Wealth Strategies personal advisor’s first goal is to seek to fully understand your individual needs and future requirements. Then, he or she acts as a “quarterback” in organizing and monitoring a team with exceptional, focused resource expertise in accordance with your “coaching direction.”

In our opinion, one of the breaking points of the traditional retail financial industry is the reliance on a single, local broker to handle all aspects of the client relationship where most clients only get to discuss their personal situations, investments and financial planning needs with a single broker.

Can a single stock broker or individual maintain the highest educational and research standards across all areas of your financial requirements, including income tax planning, financial planning, estate planning, asset protection, risk management and investment management?

Strategies for Financial Independence

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